How To: Maintain Shopping Carts

Getting a new retail store is exciting – everything is brand new and shiny. Your shopping carts are what customers will use while browsing your store, so how do you keep these looking bright and lasting as long as they possibly can? Maintenance is required regularly if you want carts that last for years and look great.

Keep Them Clean

shopping cart wheels

Keeping up with shopping carts is often as simple as keeping them clean. Cleaning carts maintains their usability and keeps them looking nice for your customers. Cleaning should include using a degreaser, getting rid of debris, and using a power washer along with hot water. This process will make carts shine and remove bacteria along with rust that may have accumulated.

Perform Repairs

Once the cart has been cleaned, you should assess them for any problems and make repairs where necessary. Repairs include fixing damaged bumpers, replacing broken wires, correcting loose or bent handles, and repairing or replacing casters or shopping cart wheels. Casters and wheels are highly important to repair, as these keep carts moving and maintain their functionality.

Why Maintain Carts?

Maintaining shopping carts for your business keeps you from having to replace carts often, saving you money. It also reduces the chance of accidents due to failing equipment, which can result in lawsuits and injuries to employees and customers who use improperly operating carts.

Cart maintenance is essential in order to make sure that you get the best return on investment in your shopping carts. While these may be an afterthought for many business owners, your carts are part of the customer experience and should be maintained properly. Keep carts clean with regular washing and perform necessary repairs as they are needed to extend the life of carts and reduce the spread of bacteria and other contaminants.