Tips For Playing Musical Instruments

There are a lot of different instruments that you may not have even thought of playing before.  Some of the typical instruments such as drums, guitar and piano are on the top of the list of the most used instruments.  However, have you ever thought of playing the marimba?  Well, if you did then you will want to consider purchasing a great pair of marimba mallets before you get started.

marimba mallets

Find a passion

The first tip is that you need to find a passion.  More often than not people will get into playing an instrument because it is what their parents want them to learn or they have a preconception that the job will be easy.  When we find a passion, we will dive into learning the instrument because it is what we want to do and something that we want to have enhance our lives.

Don’t get discouraged

When it comes to playing an instrument, you don’t want to get discouraged.  You want to really focus on achieving small goals and not massive out of the box accomplishments.  When we look at an instrument such as the marimba, we see a large instrument with a lot of keys and raised keys.  The size of the instrument is also intimidating.  However, if you take the time to learn the basics then the rest of the stuff will quickly fall into place.

Enjoy being bad

When first starting out you will be horrible.  I don’t care who you are or what you have done in the past, once you pick up an instrument you will be bad.  So, enjoy it.  Embrace being bad.  When you are bad then you know you can become good.  If you were good once you started playing there is no reason to learn how to play the instrument.